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Birthday wishes on facebook.

In this some social media, especially facebook, have reminder feature of whose birthday for the several coming days. I believe that most facebook users write their birthday wishes on facebook to his or her own or others'. In fact, some people may feel flattered when there are a lot of people send birthday wishes on facebook for them. On the other hand, it could be annoying when you check your wall there are too many notification that show too many comments or post on your birthday. Straightaway, we will divulge just about , , and of a Birthday wishes on facebook. We will uncover the flesh out of a fully Birthday wishes on facebook here. Keep reading!.

Birthday wishes on facebook

Birthday wishes on facebook

Such birthday wishes on facebook as wish you have the best thing in your life, have better work, have such blessing day in your life, hope you always get what you want, and so forth might full your wal on that day. I am sure that you may feel happy, if not flattered when you wake up then see those birthday wishes on facebook. You may think that how many friends who cares about even though just through comments or posts on your wall. That also means that the birthday notification gives people reminder to everyone to put as little attention to the peole they know or make friend with as possible on their network.

On the other way around, some people may get annoyed from that birthday wishes on facebook. Not only do your friends, even very close frieds, parrents who try to make friends with you, but there are also many people in your network you do not expect say or send something on your facebook on your birthday. For instance, some people, like, from your high school, who you actually barely talk to send you birthday wishes if not several years in a row. They say that feel akward and it is not necessary for those who do not have very close relationship. They also reckon that such action is superfacial and not sincere things to do.

Apart from those two side saying about birthday wishes on facebook they get from other people, facebook provide more than just writing things on one's wall. Various and interesting applications available for you if you want to send your birthday wish on facebook. The simplest application you can use is virtual or electronic birthday card which gives you many beautiful design that suit to your personality.


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Pengertian Berkurban

Tidak mengapa berkurban unta dan sapi dengan cara patungan/iuran/ditanggung bersama antara 2 orang, 3,5, 6 dan maksimal sampai 7 (tujuh) orang, tanpa membedakan apakah anggota yang berpatungan itu satu rumah ataukah berbeda rumah, memiliki hubungan kerabat maupun tidak. Semuanya sah selama hewan yang dikurbankan adalah unta atau sapi. Adapun jika hewan yang dikurbankan adalah kambing, maka hanya boleh untuk satu orang dan tidak sah jika dengan cara patungan.


Yang maksud dengan patungan berkurban di sini adalah kesepakatan sejumlah orang untuk bersama-sama membeli hewan kurban, kemudian hewan tersebut disembelih atas nama mereka dengan niat berkurban. Mereka membeli hewan kurban itu dengan harta masing-masing sehingga kepemilikan atas hewan kurban itu adalah kepemilikan bersama (????????? ?????????????).

Kepemilikan Hewan Kurban

Jika yang melakukan patungan adalah 5 orang, maka kepemilikan hewan kurban bagi masing-masing anggota adalah 1/5 hewan kurban tersebut, jika yang berpatungan 6 berarti kepemilikan masing-masing 1/6, jika yang berpatungan 7 orang berarti kepemilikan masing -masing 1/7 dan seterusnya.

Berkurban Cara Patungan

Berkurban dengan cara patungan seperti ini adalah berkurban yang sah selama hewan yang dikurbankan adalah unta atau sapi, dan anggota yang berpatungan maksimal berjumlah 7 (tujuh). Dalil yang menunjukkan keabsahannya adalah hadis berikut ini.